Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekly Reports of the DSC-AFRI Summer Science Club Meetings

We've been behind on our posts this year. Attached you'll find our students' posts from this last few weeks.

June 17--
During this summer's program we are going to be making a few videos about the Delta. We aren't sure if we are going to get through all of them so we decided to concentrate on one video at a time. The first video is going to be on subsidence and the Delta levees.

Our plan is to make the videos no more than three to five minutes each, so we've been checking out short videos presented by other students who have done stuff like this before. We are also beginning to do the research involved in making the videos.

We're going to get to interview people from UC Davis and UC Berkeley that know about levees and subsidence in the next couple of weeks so we are setting up a list of questions for them.

June 24--
Today we watched a couple of more samples videos from students who won video awards for short videos. We also had the chance to do some research on levees so that we can come up with ideas how to make our video. We also took a tour of Big Break Regional Shoreline Park to check out the small levee system they have at the park. They have a really cool map on the ground that shows all the rivers that make up the Delta and it have a 3-D type of Mt. Diablo.

July 1--
Jersey Island Learning Lab-
Today we had the chance to see Jersey Island, which we learned is a good example of most of the Delta Islands along the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. We saw the issues of subsidence. In some areas on the island the subsidence is as bad as 18th feet. We have a chance to walk along the levee and see the rock or what is known as "rip rap" that is holding the levees together.

We were able to take a lot of video and pictures to use in our video project.

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