Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AFRI-DSC Summer Science Club is underway

It is hard to believe that summer is already underway and we are getting ready for another planting season on the AFRI-Rice Culture Mitigation Grant. Once again we are working with a great team from UC Davis, UC Berkeley and Tetra Tech on the project and hoping that we will open young minds to the importance of research programs to better the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, after all these children are the future of the Delta. You can read about this program by checking out the side panel of this blog. 

The AFRI-DSC Summer Science Club begins tomorrow and once we are up and running the students will be taking care of this blog and posting their thoughts, findings and giving a review of what they have been doing. The blog won't always be neat and organized, but it will be fun to see how they are enjoying and understanding the program.

We will try to get as many pictures as we can up and maybe even try to add a few minutes of our videos here and there. 

High School students are welcome to join in on the program and we always need adult volunteers to help organize and keep on eye on the students. Those interested can email info@deltasciencecenter.org for details.

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