Monday, May 19, 2014

Soaking the Rice to prepare for planting.

Rice seed Calmochi-101or CM101 will be used for the AFRI Jersey Island testing site. 
Calmochi-101 is a very early maturing waxy (also known as sweet, mochi, or glutinous) short grain released in 1985. It has excellent resistance to cool temperature sterility. Its pedigree is: Tatsumi mochi//M7//S6.features.

Since Jersey Island is located in Contra Costa County, the temperatures can be as much as 10 degrees lower than other areas where rice is usually grown. This is the same rice we had success with last year, so it should grow nicely in the greenhouse we've built to get it started. So far we are hearing that the temperatures are going to be a little warmer than 2013, so we're going to be watching the temperatures during the testing season this year to see how it any affect on the rice we're growing.

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