Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rice is beginning to sprout and AFRI Science Club info

Just a few days into the growing process and rice is beginning to sprout in the Learning Lab greenhouse on Jersey Island. If all goes well the rice will be ready to transplant mid to late June and ready for students to begin the study at the end of June.

High school students, as well as incoming 9th graders, enrolled in Liberty High School, Freedom High School, Antioch High School and Deer Valley High School are welcome to sign up to work on the study. The program runs through the summer.

Several of the teachers who are involved with the study are offering credit in the program for the 2014-15 school year. (Please check with your school for details). Several students are also using the hours on the summer program to fill in for their volunteer credit. (Make sure that your school allows you to complete senior required volunteer hours in advance of the school year and fill out the necessary forms in advance to make sure you are able to receive credit).

The first club meeting will be announced in the second week of June however it is currently looking like it will be the week of June 23. Keep watch for details, or send your email to to be put on a mailing list for the club.

We will also be looking for student leadership for the club. Those interested should contact the above email. Club leaders will help with promotion of the club, make up club agenda and work with developing blogs for this site.

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