Monday, May 27, 2013

Windy with a temperature drop, again

Temps: 47/62 degrees
Wind Speed: 17/29 mph

This weather isn't helping our cause much. It was sprinkling a little out on the island this morning when I went to check the greenhouses. Yes, that is good, we can really use the rain, however these lower temperatures and winds I can do without. We will always have some wind on the island this time of year, but the gusts are going into the 30s and whipping the greenhouses a little too much.

When I was on site this morning I had to repair one of the greenhouse ends that had come unclipped and replace a couple of the hoops that had come undone. All and all there is still a lot of sweat on the walls of four out of six of the greenhouses, meaning it is warm inside those. The repair I made already had the greenhouse warming up while I was still on site.

The last greenhouse, which I call number 6, is a complete loss at this point. The plastic is ripped more from the heavy overnight winds the past few days. Even so there is some rice plants inside, so we will be able to salvage those.

We are currently doing research for next year on how to make the greenhouses stronger, but still economical. High winds are definitely a factor to keep in mind, but also something that the students can build.

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