Saturday, May 25, 2013

Steaming in the greenhouses

All the greenhouses are keeping nice and warm, finally. We can see "sweat" running from five or the six. The sixth one is not doing to well due to wind damage, but the rest have been repaired and finally keeping the seedlings warm inside. 

We could see rice growing at various stages todays today. 

All the short sprouts here are rice growing. We can see when we go in close up that the seeds are attached to the spouts. 

Rice can be seen at various stages of growth here. Deep into the greenhouse toward the top are new growth, the clumps of growth about 3/4 up the line at also rice in the third stage and this rice at the bottom of the photo are 2nd stage rice. Of course close up is showing some weed growth as well. 

Close up you can see little sprouts of growth starting on these seeds. When we planted the seeds this last time some of the seed had not yet germinated. Once the greenhouses warmed up the seeds that weren't producing started taking off. 

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  1. We planted radishes that should sprout in 3 - 5 days. We also planted 2 seeds in each balloon, so hopefully at least one will grow! I will post a picture of our results. greenhousesblog