Thursday, May 23, 2013

Visiting UC Davis greenhouses

May 15, 2013

Temperature: 51/71
Wind speed: 24/35 mph

Today Dr. Mike and I went to meet with the UC Davis folks and spoke with them about the fact that even though we've seeded two times, the rice has not grown to expectations. There is growth of rice within the greenhouses, about 20-30% of the rice planted has produced. 

After a discussion, the group decided to reseed one more time. Since the DSC study isn't about the rice, but about the effects the rice has on the water, soil and air, we do not need to harvest the rice to eat at the end of this study. With this three year study we have time to find out the answers to growing the rice in the future. Now the objective is to have enough rice to add to to the larger fields. 

The group decided to plant a rice variety called M-104. The rice can go through term at this point if we continue on the project.

Since the cool weather and cold wind seems to be the most obvious cause of the rice not growing, Dr. Mike, an avid gardener at home, suggested completely closing off all sides of the greenhouse so that the heat stays inside the greenhouse. 

On the way back Bruce Lindquist and Rongzhong Le brought us to the greenhouse where they are growing similar varieties to the rice we are growing so we could get a look at how the rice looks like. Now that we have a new plan we getting everything ready. On Thursday, May 16 I will be heading back to UC Davis to pick up more germinated rice to reseed. 

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