Thursday, May 23, 2013

New seed and wind block

May 17, 2013

Temperature: 51/72
Wind speed: 20/28 mph

Yesterday Dr. Mike came to the site, while I drove to UC Davis to pick up rice, and put up a wind block. He used some unused fencing and plastic sheeting.  

Today we lifted all the greenhouses and weeded. We found that we had a good amount rice finally growing about 1 to 2 inches tall inside the greenhouses. We added the new seed and reset the greenhouses down. 

We closed off all the greenhouses and made sure that they couldn't get any air through. All the greenhouses are in pretty good shape, despite the strong winds over the last month, except for the last one in the row. That one is in pretty bad shape. The rip has been taped several times and there are two broken pieces that snapped off. Also the mud had slipped around the edges and it is sitting lower than the rest of the greenhouse so it always had the most water inside. 

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