Thursday, May 23, 2013

Repairs on greenhouses

May 4, 2013

Temperature: 52/90
Wind speed: 20/23 mph

Cleaned up the greenhouses a little today and made shore everything was tightened down. We are due for another few days of cool temperatures and wind. Hopefully everything will fair well now that we were beginning to have some good luck. 

In a few days the Freedom High School students will be coming out and doing some air, soil and water testing. The UC Davis folks are going to come out and teach the student how to do the testing and take samples to be sent to the University for further testing. 

We've been working hard with Cheryl Ochinero from Freedom High School to make all the plans. This will be the first time all the students are getting to come on the island at once to check out the site and learn more about the program first hand. 

Thanks to Cheryl for all her help. 

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