Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inflow, Outflow pipes and gauges

May 7, 2013

Temperature: 56/73
Wind speed: 15/21 mph

The Jersey Island crew completed the two rice transfer fields or what we are calling Field A and Field B. The last rows of berms was added and the crew added the inflow and outflow pipes (weirs). When the rice is finally transplanted water will be added straight from the Delta from a trench that was already on site. When we are ready for the water, the Jersey Island folks will open the ditch inflow by the Delta and then the inflow pipe from the rice field B will open. Once full the through pipe from field B to field A will let the water run through. The outflow pipe in field A will have a piece of wood holding it closed until the water needs to be release when we are ready to harvest. 

Dr. Mike and I added in the water rulers or water measuring gauges about three feet from the inflow and outflow weirs. When these fields are ready to plant we will need to keep between 2 and 4 inches of water in them at all time for the plants to grow and for us to see if our study is working. 

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