Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Testing Day at the AFRI Rice Field

We took a lot of pictures today out at the rice field. This way we can get a close up idea of how all the rice in the field is fairing and decide when we are ready to take the next step. The next step is to stop adding water to the field and drain it. We will send the photos to our team members at UC Davis and see what they think.

In the meantime we also did more water testing today. For a look at what all the tests should be showing us, see our previous post.

Here are the results:
Nitrate-Nitrogen levels on both fields are still the same as last time at 0.0.

Sulfate levels are keeping pretty consistant, with just a little variation in Field 2 Sample B.
Field 1 Sample A = 160
Field 1 Sample B = 100
Field 2 Sample A = 160
Field 2 Sample B = 80

Low Range Phosphates show a little variation this time as well.

Field 1 Sample A = 1.0
Field 1 Sample B = 0.8
Field 2 Sample A = 0.2
Field 2 Sample B = 0.4

Amonia-Nitrate samples are the same as last week at all fields showing .25

Measuring of salt and conductivity remains within similar ranges

Field 1 Sample A = Salt 1540   Conductivity 2230
Field 1 Sample B = Salt 1550   Conductivity 2240
Field 2 Sample A = Salt 1480   Conductivity 2150
Field 2 Sample B = Salt 1560   Conductivity 2260

Water temperature at testing time: 70.7 degrees.

Here are the pictures of the fields.

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