Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rice fields planted and our fields are ready for scientific study

Temperature: 63/95 degrees
Wind speeds: 5/15 mph

Better late than never as the story goes. Originally the plan was to transplant the rice from the nursery on May 15, however we experienced so many problems with wind and cool temps that we  didn't get anything in the ground until today. No problem just 5 1/2 weeks late. Really it isn't any problem for us since harvesting rice isn't really our goal. As long as we have rice growing in the field to run the necessary tests over the next three to four months we're good to go.

Thanks so much to the people who came out today including UC Davis AFRI Grant volunteer Rongzhong Le, Freedom High School teachers John Sierra and Cheryl Ochinero (and her two children), Diane Burgis and their grew of Friends of Marsh Creek high school interns, Ironhouse Sanitary District's Doug Sheer, and community volunteers Glenn Gehlke, Christina Savatri and Joe Painter. As well as Dr. Mike Painter (president of the Delta Science Center) and Roni Gehlke (Executive Director of the Delta Science Center).

What a great crew and with everyone's help the job of transplanting took far less time than we originally thought. We were only able to fill one field with rice, but it is enough to start experiments. We are planning to put down some of the left over seeds into the second plot and see what happens. Right now we are soaking the seeds for a week.

Here are the photos from the event.

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