Friday, June 7, 2013

Rice field update

Temperatures: 64/99 degrees
Wind: generally calm today 5/10 miles per hour

Tomorrow: Temps: 63/100 degrees

The AFRI Rice Culture program is progressing well as far as the seedlings are going, however now that the greenhouses have been up and in the elements of wind and sun for two months we are starting to see some tears in the plastic. This past week the number 2 greenhouse developed a splitt in two places for no apparent reason. The rip did not happen where we would have expected, on a cut we made in the plastic to zip-tie it to the polls, instead these rips developed where the folds of the plastic was from when the plastic was manufactured. 

Greenhouse number 4 is beginning to experience similar problems and will probably look the same after the weekend.

The weather will be warm this weekend, however is expected to cool off a bit again mid-week and warm again quickly. 

Dr. Mike and I have been going back and forth about what to do. Should we replace the cover, or leave it at this point. We will be transplanting the rice into the larger fields in about two weeks. If the weather holds we will be fine the way it is, as the rice is getting bigger and will soon be exposed to all the elements 24/7. We just don't want to take any chances at this stage. 

You can see that some of the rice is still small and needs to grow a bit more before transplant.

Right now we will have five greenhouses to transplant. We also have sone rice growing off site at two different local greenhouses to transplant if necessary. The two fields are a combined 4,500 square feet of space. 

We are hoping to transplant on Saturday, June 22 or Saturday, June 29. We are going to need a whole lot of volunteers and anyone interested in helping out would be welcome. We do not need experienced farmers. The process is very simple, but muddy work. Please contact me through email at if you wish to help or have any questions. 

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