Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome to the Delta Science Center Rice Mitigation Grant Project

Beginning in 2010 the Delta Science Center was asked to work on a grant with both UC Berkeley and UC Davis that would include a high school outreach program where students could test carbon emission and a theory that would reduce Delta island subsidence. The grant was introduced to the DSC from a former Oakley resident and UC Berkeley professor, Dennis Baldocci.

The DSC wrote the grant, two fold. One section included the students from local schools going to the project Delta Island, Twitchell Island, to run some tests themselves on air, soil and water. The second part of the project included the students creating short video segments on each piece of the project where students would conduct interviews with the professors, grad students and post grad students involved in the project.

The DSC's part of the project would not begin until 2013, however a representative from the DSC attended the monthly meetings on the program to see how the project worked and become more familiar with the program.

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